„ORGAN-IM”: Adaptation of European Image Information Mining for the Requirements of Organic and Ecologic Farming in the EU

Our ORGAN-IM project has reached the half-time milestone. The aim of the preparatory activity granted by ESA is to develop a monitoring system that facilitates the control of organic farming with the help of remote sensing.

In the first phase we have built a technology that is based on the comparison of the data extracted from satellite imagery with markers quantifying the deterministic characteristics of the observed vegetation and soil and being specialised to the individual features of organic farming. Monitoring of large areas can be automated through mass data analysis. In November we are going to present the results to date for the ESA experts online. Verification of the developed method is going to be processed in the second phase until the project’s closure in 2021 spring.

EO.TAG research and development project

Our development project „EO.TAG – Demonstrating EO image information mining solutions in mobile imaging domain”, granted by WIGNER ESA Business Incubator Centre Hungary, has been successfully closed. The aim of the activity was to demonstrate the possible usage of technologies and algorithms of ESA SNAP (developed for Sentinel EO processing) in huge mobile image databases of non-space-related end users. We performed mass analysis of the content of numerous site survey images relating to two sectors: public utility infrastructure management and agricultural administration. Relevant participants were involved in the demonstration: ELMŰ and E.ON electricity companies from the utility sector, the German state office LAiV M-V (Landesamt für innere Verwaltung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin, Germany) as an agicultural user and the Italian technology partner, MEEO (Meteorological Enviromental Earth Observation, Ferrara, Italy).

Meeting with Ambassador of Italy

On May 16th the Delegation of Italian Prime Minister’s office had a meeting with the Hungarian Space Clusters committe. The participants was Péter Hargitai chariman, and Gyula Horvath, cluster committe member. The members of the Italian delegation was Stefano Gualandris, Legal and Economic Adviser to the State Secretary of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office, Massimo Rustico, Ambassador of Italy, Teresa Testa, Commercial Attaché, Milan Solymosi, associate / interpreter of commercial office.

Péter and Gyula presented the activities of the Hunspace, and they discussed about the possibilites a partnership in the space industry with italian members in the near future. In closing the italian delegation visited the workspace of GeoData Services Ltd.

Participation in the conference of the Hunspace – “Let’s go tot he space industry!”

GeoData Ltd. participated in the conference of the Hungarian Space Cluster- „Let’s go to the space industry!” – on 29-30. November in 2018. The members of the cluster had the oppurtunity to introduce their companies, and Dr. Orsolya Ferencz, who is the Ministerial Commissioner for space research in Hungary, also took part in the conference. Those members of the cluster, who had already attended in space-related tenders, also shared their experience with the other members.

Participation in the final event of ESA PECS in Hungary

The final event of the ESA PECS in Hungary was held on 8th October organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the European Space Agancy (ESA). The office of the ESA PECS had started more than 120 projects, and from these projects were selected 30 to be presented at the event. GeoData Ltd. participated at the event with the project MODE-EO (Market-Oriented Dissemination of European Earth Observation Technology Chain), which was presented by Dr. Fülöp Györk.

GeoData Ltd. moved to a new business center

GeoData Ltd. moved to a new business center, so our office is working now in the Central Udvar business center at the following address: Wesselényi Street 16, H-1077 Budapest, on the 8th floor.

Participation in the conference of E-utilities

GeoData Ltd. participated the conference of E-utilities, which was organized by Lechner Tudásközpont and held in the Hotel Park Inn by Radisson. The aim of the conference was to get to know the experiences and the challenges of the new, electronic utility registration system, which is operating from 1st of July, and to make proposals for developing the system. During the morning plenary sessions were taken place, and workshops were also organized for the participants. Our colleague, Gábor Füstös gave also a presentation in the conference about the data service.

GeoData Services- integrated management system

In December 2016, GeoData Services has been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 27001, thus a new integrated management system was introduced , which aim is to ensure the application of the international standards of the quality management system (ISO 9001), as well as the information security management system (ISO 27001).