Satellite Images

Remote Sensing (RS) services


Satellite Images


Advantages of using satellite data:

  • continuously and with short notice available, upto daily updates
  • high precision, multispectral data with even 30 cm geometrical resolution
  • cost effective, quick and easy availability, no need for extra preparations such as flight planning, on-site work or flying the area. High accuracy, up to 40 cm geometric resolution multispectral, multichannel data
  • Already small areas (25 km2) are available

GeoData Services offers all major high and very high resolution commercial satellite images, available as programmed (future) or archive (already existing) data

Availabe high precision sensors:

  • KOMPSAT-2: MS VHR 1 m
  • KOMPSAT-3: MS VHR 0.5 m
  • KOMPSAT-3A: MS VHR 0.4 m
  • KOMPSAT-5: SAR X-band 1 m


  • WorldView-1
  • WorldView-2
  • GeoEye-1
  • WorldView-3
  • QuickBird

 Skybox Imaging:

  • SkySat-1
  • SkySat-2

There are also images available of special sensors (TerraSAR-X, Cosmo-SkyMed, SPOT, Pleiades).

Remote Sensing (RS) services


GeoData Services has been offering remote sensing services of since 1997. According to our experience remote sensing and Earth observation data can support tasks effectively in the following areas:

  • State administration, examples are agriculture subsidy control, disaster recovery, environmental protection, landuse and areal planning
  • Agriculture, examples are precision farming, yield estimation, eco and bio production
  • Industry, examples are transportation, navigation, building construction, insurance.

For the best results we continuously develop our services and use the most advanced technology.



The continuous and rapid development of geoinformation services and remote sensing/Earth observation gives the possibility to the users to have the results of the most advanced technology.

The strategic purpose of our development activities are to share the benefits with the participating partners, and in this way the participating users can solve their tasks more efficiently and at a higher technical level. Together with testusers we take part in several development projects with the advantage for the testpartners for applying the results with zero financing requirements.
The T-BEA (Tool for Biomass Accessibility with Earth Observation Technology) innovative research project is an organic part of EUREKA. Goal of this project is to survey, identify and quantify the biomass volume of wooden plants for energetic usage purposes.