EO.TAG research and development project

Our development project „EO.TAG – Demonstrating EO image information mining solutions in mobile imaging domain”, granted by WIGNER ESA Business Incubator Centre Hungary, has been successfully closed. The aim of the activity was to demonstrate the possible usage of technologies and algorithms of ESA SNAP (developed for Sentinel EO processing) in huge mobile image databases of non-space-related end users. We performed mass analysis of the content of numerous site survey images relating to two sectors: public utility infrastructure management and agricultural administration. Relevant participants were involved in the demonstration: ELMŰ and E.ON electricity companies from the utility sector, the German state office LAiV M-V (Landesamt für innere Verwaltung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin, Germany) as an agicultural user and the Italian technology partner, MEEO (Meteorological Enviromental Earth Observation, Ferrara, Italy).