Agreement about the free university Geomatica licences

The free Geomatica licences have been started to be distributed to the universities for fall semester of 2016-17. There was a high interest about the Canadian PCI Inc. and the GeoData Ltd. offered free licence option: instructors and researchers of 12 universities and colleges were included in the program, which begins in this fall semester. During the summer the instructors and researchers can get knowledge of the software functionality with the handovered licences, and also they can work out how Geomatica can be used  in Earth observation (EO) & GIS education and research.

Applying universities can use Geomatica free licenses already for the next fall semester

GeoData Services as authorised reseller of Canadian PCI Geomatica products agreed with the Markham based company that Hungarian universities can use Geomatica free licenses for their curriculum based higher education and Phd research. PCI Geomatica is the professional toolkit of the aerial and satellite images and data, and the related raster and vector operations. Now the newest desktop, server and cloud solutions will be available for the Hungarian universities.

Developing on-the-spot checks supported by Eureka project

With the support of the on-going project of Eureka (EUREKA_HU_12-1-2012-0042) GeoData Services increase the abilities to do on-site field work. Fulfilling the growing request of our home and foreign customers to do on-the-spot checks and rapid field visits, our company (together with partners) is capable to perform under many conditions: four-wheel drive vehicles with summer and winter outfit, toughbooks and toughpads help our colleagues to work in several locations parallel. (Pictures: four-wheel drive Suzuki SX-4 Cross with summer-winter equipment and Panasonic FZ-G1 toughpad, both can be used in various surroundings and under special weather conditions.)

Cooperation between SIIS and GeoData Services Ltd.

SI Imaging Services (SIIS) and GeaData Services concluded a cooperation agreement. As a result GeoData became the authorized distributor of KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT-5 image data over Hungary, European Union. If you are interested in our above-mentioned services about these satellite images, please contact us (

ESA informative tour

The Hungarian Space Office, operating within the Ministry of National Development, organizes a road-show tour in order to support successful participation in the activities of European Space Agency (ESA). The first station of the tour was in Győr on December 09, 2015 and it took place in informal atmosphere, where those in the region who were interested in space activities could come to know about the former and the on-going exploration of space, about the space industry, as well as about the experiences of the Hungarian participants in ESA projects. It was also possible to establish direct relations to the future projects. At the meeting GeoData Services explained our most important experiences of the projects about earth observation.

Participation in the 21st MARS Annual Conference

GeoData Services was present at the CwRS conference, which took place in Thessaloniki, in the conference room of Macedonian Palace. About 300 participants attended in the event and the conference was supplemented with a mini exhibition and with a poster exhibition too, which were ordered in the lobby of the conference. The main purpose of the event was to present the experiences of this year and to gather the problems and the innovations, which is caused by the changes of last year. Further purpose was to present the technical innovations (Sentinel, drones etc.) and to get to know the possibility of using these innovations in CwRS projects.