Biotope project for Saxony-Anhalt

GeoData Services has been awarded the EU tender for “Comprehensive updating of biotope type and usage type mapping” for the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The task is to update the existing map biotope database from 2009 using the aerial photos from 2021-2023 across the entire state (5,465 tiles/Kacheln, which covers 20,452 km 2 ) and to develop the required technology for this update.

The processing is supported by a partially automated development designed for workflows. With its help, the changes between the two states are filtered out by examining the contents of the aerial images and the database (polygons, lines, points) and then transferred to the new database.

Thanks to the technology, the processing is more precise and consistent in terms of content. The new and updated data are entered in accordance with the biotope specifications after checking the content and form. The final database is considered accepted after the customer’s final inspection.